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High Temperature Graphitization Furnace

High Temperature Graphitization Furnace  has Integrated Graphitization Furnace, 3150 Degrees Vertical Graphitization Furnace, Continuous Graphitization Furnaces, Experimental Graphitization Furnace, Bottom Discharge Graphitization Furnace, Vacuum Graphitization Furnace, Thermal conductive film Graphitization furnace, 3200℃ Ultra-high Temperature Graphitization Furnace, Carbon Fiber Graphitization Furnace, Super Large Graphitization Furnace.

  • Thermal conductive film Graphitization furnace
    (1) Can produce various sizes of thermal conductive graphite film.The equipment...
  • Vacuum Graphitization Furnace
    Application: high temperature treatment and graphitization of carbon structural parts ...
  • Laboratory Graphitization Integrated Furnace
    (1) For high temperature graphitization and carbonization of carbon fiber...
  • Carbon Fiber Graphitization Furnace
    For high temperature graphitization and carbonization...
  • 3200℃ Ultra-high Temperature Graphitization Furnace
    Large graphitization furnace is mainly used for the sintering...
  • Integrated Graphitization Furnace
    Integrated graphitization furnace is a kind of design product specially launched for the new carbon material industry. It is a high-performance intelligent heating furnace specially for university laboratories, scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions. Suitable for high temperature treatment of materials (carbonization, graphitization, high temperature degreasing, impurity removal, etc.) under vacuum or gas protection.
  • Super Large Graphitization Furnace
    Large-scale graphitization furnace is mainly used for the sintering of...
  • Bottom Discharge Graphitization Furnace  
    It is mainly used for vacuum sintering of special composite materials ...
  • 3150 Degrees Vertical Graphitization Furnace
    3150 degrees vertical graphitization furnace is mainly used for graphitization of anode materials and graphene film, so that it becomes a graphite film with high thermal conductivity. High temperature graphitization furnace can also be used in the sintering and graphitization of anode materials, carbon materials and carbon carbon, carbon ceramic composite materials, but also can be used in the high temperature treatment of industrial ceramics, powder metallurgy materials and other products (high temperature carbonization, high temperature sintering and high temperature graphitization). The operating temperature of the equipment reaches 3150℃.
  • Horizontal Graphitization Furnace
    [Usage] : Horizontal graphitization furnace is mainly used for the sintering of battery anode material, carbon material structure parts (products), C/C composite material products, carbon fiber, carbon material, carbon fiber rope, high temperature graphitization of phosphorus sheet graphite and other graphite materials, and other materials that can be sintered and smelted in the carbon environment.
  • Graphite Pusher Furnace
    The graphite pusher furnace uses the graphite plate to carry the graphite box, which is pushed into the heating area one box after another with the push rod, and the heat treatment such as powder reduction and sintering of powder metallurgy products is carried out under the atmosphere protection state. Suitable for powder metallurgy processing field and graphite material processing field.
  • Graphite Cracking Furnace
     Graphite cracking furnace was specially developed for laboratory test and development environment, with characteristics of compact structure, easy operation, wide temperature range, etc.
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