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Vacuum Graphitization Furnace

Application: high temperature treatment and graphitization of carbon structural parts ...


Vacuum graphitization furnace

Application: high temperature treatment and graphitization of carbon structural parts (products), C/C composite products, graphene, carbon fiber products, sintering graphitization of carbon fiber filament and other materials that can be sintered and smelted in carbon environment.  

Product Advantage

Vacuum graphitization furnace is a high-performance intelligent heating furnace introduced by our engineers and technicians who digest and absorb foreign temperature measurement, temperature control technology, intelligence, new material technology and furnace design technology. Suitable for high temperature treatment of materials (carbonization, graphitization, high temperature degreasing, impurity removal, etc.) under vacuum or gas protection.

Characteristics of vacuum graphitization furnace:  

Ultra-high temperature furnace body up to 2600℃ can fully meet the sintering and graphitization of various materials.

Using digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic, high precision temperature measurement and temperature control process, the system can be heated according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 pieces of a total of 400 different process heating curve.  

Adopt internal circulation pure water cooling system, digital flow monitoring system.  

Intelligent PLC security monitoring, remote control can be realized, with no paper to record the parameters, automatic storage, water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system, with internal network port connection.  

Furnace body is equipped with mechanical explosion-proof valve, with automatic pressure relief function, to ensure safety.  

Product Specification

Model JT-SML-24-Z JT-SML-54-Z JT-SML-128-Z JT-SML-375-Z JT-SML-720-Z JT-SML-1225-Z
Highest Operating Temperature Normal Temperature -2600℃
High Temperature Zone Volume 200*200*600 300*300*600 400*400*800 500*500*1500 600*600*2000 700*700*2500
Loading Capacity 24L 54L 128L 375L 720L 1225L
Working Atmosphere in the Furnace Vacuum, hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gases, etc
Temperature Uniformity ≤±10℃ ≤±15℃
Temperature Measurement Far infrared optical temperature measurement (double connectors automatic switch)
Temperature Measurement Range 900-3500℃ or 1000-3200℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.2-0.75%
Temperature Control Program control and manual control
Temperature Control Accuracy ≤±1℃
Ultimate Heating Rate 60℃/min

Advantages of vacuum graphitization furnace

Vacuum graphitization furnace is a high temperature furnace with the following advantages:

1. High temperature stability: The vacuum graphitization furnace can provide a high temperature environment, which can reach more than 2000℃, and the temperature stability is high, which can meet the needs of high temperature treatment.

2. Vacuum environment: Vacuum graphitization furnace has a vacuum environment, which can exclude oxygen and other gases, avoid oxidation, corrosion and deterioration of materials at high temperatures, and ensure the purity and quality of materials.

3. Uniform heating: graphite material has good thermal conductivity, can achieve uniform heating of the material, avoid the appearance of hot and cold spots, improve heating efficiency and product quality.

4. Rapid heating and cooling: vacuum graphitized furnaces have rapid heating and cooling capabilities, which can shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency.

5. Flexibility: Vacuum graphitization furnace can be adjusted and changed according to different process requirements, which is suitable for heat treatment and graphitization of various materials.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: vacuum graphitization furnace uses graphite material as a heating element, which has high thermal efficiency and heat conduction performance, which can save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

In short, the vacuum graphitization furnace has the advantages of high temperature stability, vacuum environment, uniform heating, rapid heating and cooling, flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection, and is suitable for a variety of high temperature treatment and graphitization applications.

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