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3150 Degrees Vertical Graphitization Furnace

3150 degrees vertical graphitization furnace is mainly used for graphitization of anode materials and graphene film, so that it becomes a graphite film with high thermal conductivity. High temperature graphitization furnace can also be used in the sintering and graphitization of anode materials, carbon materials and carbon carbon, carbon ceramic composite materials, but also can be used in the high temperature treatment of industrial ceramics, powder metallurgy materials and other products (high temperature carbonization, high temperature sintering and high temperature graphitization). The operating temperature of the equipment reaches 3150℃.



The use of thermal insulation materials and domestic furnace structure, the use of the temperature of 3150℃, the use of integrated belt furnace body to increase production, because of the large graphitization furnace cooling time is long, use the cooling time for other furnace heating.

The digital display intelligent temperature control system is adopted to complete the temperature measurement and temperature control process with full automatic precision. The system can heat up according to the given heating curve or call the previous process curve, and can store 20 pieces of 400 different process heating curves.

Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system. Electrical part, touch screen intuitive display of parameter data, water and electric automatic protection device, simple operation.

Can be a machine multi - furnace, using PLC intelligent conversion.

Production Specification

Ultimate temperature


Working Temperature

Normal Temperature -3150℃

Furnace body shape

Vertical structure

Volume of furnace(mm)

φ500X1000   φ600X1200    φ700X1500

φ800X1600    φ900X1800     φ1000X2000

Can also be customized according to user needs of various sizes of the furnace body


Working Atmosphere in furnace

Vacuum, hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gas, etc

Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Measurement

Far infrared optical temperature measurement (double connector automatic switch)

Temperature Measuring Range

1000~3200℃ or 250~1200℃

Temperature Measurement Accuracy


Temperature Control Accuracy


Pressure Rising Rate


Limit Heating Rate

80℃/ min (empty furnace, depending on the volume of high temperature zone and furnace structure)

  Power supply

IGBT control, thyristor control

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