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Graphite Cracking Furnace

 Graphite cracking furnace was specially developed for laboratory test and development environment, with characteristics of compact structure, easy operation, wide temperature range, etc.


The cylindrical heating area is composed of a crucible, a heating element and a furnace lining, and the whole heating area is installed in the shell with a water cooling chamber. Its compact structure is particularly suitable for laboratory experiments on small samples.

Sophisticated equipment design, high-grade material selection. High specification graphite heating elements and graphite lining materials allow heating to vacuum conditions

2200°C and up to 3000°C in argon atmospheres. The heating system consists of temperature controller, power regulator, transformer, heating element and thermocouple/pyrometer. The operator sets the required heating procedure through the temperature controller, and the system outputs the corresponding power current to the heating element through the power regulator and transformer according to the temperature setting value and the actual value, and heats the sample. The actual temperature of the furnace is fed back to the temperature controller through the thermoelectric couple/pyrometer. The system realizes closed-loop automatic heating control.

The equipment is designed for vacuum seal, equipped with a two-stage selective vacuum pump up to a vacuum degree of 5x10-2 mbar.

The furnace body and control cabinet of the equipment are installed on a bracket with a roller at the bottom for easy movement.

For university or industrial enterprise research and development institutions,furnace because of its small footprint, simple operation mode, wide heating temperature range and good temperature uniformity, is a very suitable cost-effective tool

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