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Pre-sale Service
After-sales Service​​​​​​​
  • Pre-sale Service

    Finalize design drawings and schemes, communicate with customers, review and confirm design drawings and schemes
    Technical personnel shall arrive at the installation and debugging site, map drawings, understand data and local items on site Parameters and indicators, and communicate with customers to determine the installation requirements,
    Issue site installation layout drawings and site preparation requirements, and provide design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and equipment transportation plans.

  • After-sales Service

    1. The supplier shall train and train operation and maintenance personnel, equipment technicians and technologists for the demander free of charge The contents include equipment operation, maintenance, automation control, process formula adjustment, emergency plan Exercises, etc.
    2. The warranty period shall begin 12 months from the date when the acceptance report is signed by the acceptance representative designated by both parties, if necessary
    If Party B's preparation conditions are insufficient to meet the installation requirements, 15 months from the date of arrival of the products at the site of the Demander, whichever is the fastest arrival date shall prevail.
    3. Strictly implement the national product quality "three guarantees" provisions, except wearing parts, lifelong maintenance.
    4. After the equipment debugging is completed, on-site "centralized" training services shall be provided to the demander to ensure the presence of users
    Fully understand the equipment performance and operating specifications before operation to reduce manual faults and improve work efficiency.
    5. Provide free technical assistance telephone, answer the problems encountered by the demander in use, and put forward suggestions to solve the problems in time.
    6. After the quality guarantee period, we will also provide free telephone consultation service
    7. Free repair and replacement of unqualified parts during the warranty period.
    8. Professional and technical personnel shall be responsible for tracking, timely collecting the parameters of the equipment, and timely reminding maintenance
    Maintain and anticipate equipment failures,
    9. The equipment will enter the after-sales service network of our company, and special files will be established to keep and cooperate with production records
    Record files, ensure that every small part can be traced, ensure the stable production of equipment.

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