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Carbon Fiber Graphitization Furnace

For high temperature graphitization and carbonization...

Carbon fiber graphitization furnace logo

Carbon fiber graphitization furnace  

【 Usage 】 :

(1) For high temperature graphitization and carbonization of carbon fiber.  

(2) other that can be sintered and purified materials in the carbon environment.  

Product advantage  

Carbon fiber graphitization furnace is a high-performance intelligent ultra-high temperature equipment developed by our engineering and technical personnel under the strong support of domestic scientific research institutes and universities.  The operating temperature of the equipment can reach 3000℃.  


Adopt foreign thermal insulation material and furnace structure, using temperature up to 3000℃.

When carbon fiber wire is graphitized, the wire enters from one end and leaves from the other end, and the production efficiency reaches the standard level.  

Vertical temperature measurement is adopted. The placement of the temperature sensor does not affect cable routing.  

Used for the graphitization of phosphorus sheet graphite or carbon powder, it adopts the push-boat mode, continuous production, good production efficiency, energy saving.  

Using digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic precision to complete the temperature measurement and temperature control process, the system can be heated according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 pieces of a total of 400 different process heating curve.  

Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system control cabinet and furnace body connection cable can be as long as 20m, and remote control in equipment.

Product Specification

maximum service   temperature

normal temperature -3000℃

Furnace Chamber’s Dimensions

(Φ30-Φ300)*(500-2000mm) or square    

Temperature uniformity


Temperature measurement

Far infrared optical temperature measurement

Temperature measurement range

1000-3200℃ or 900-3500℃

Temperature measurement accuracy


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