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Continuous Graphitization Furnaces

Graphitization furnace is a high-performance intelligent heating furnace introduced by our engineering and technical personnel to digest and absorb foreign temperature measurement, temperature control technology, intelligence, new material technology and furnace design technology. Suitable for high temperature treatment of materials (carbonization, graphitization, high temperature degreasing, impurity removal, etc.) under vacuum or gas protection.


Continuous graphitization furnaces are used for high temperature treatment and graphitization of carbon structural parts (products), c/c composite products, carbon fiber products, sintered graphitization of carbon fiber filaments and other materials that can be sintered and melted in a carbon environment.

Characteristics of Continuous graphitization furnaces

● Reach the limit temperature of 3200℃, the common temperature of 3000℃ high temperature furnace, meet the sintering and graphitization of various materials.

● The digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic, high precision to complete the temperature control process, the system can be according to the given warming curve warming, and can store 40 sections of a total of 200 different process heating curves.

● Adopt internal circulation pure water cooling system; Digital flow monitoring system.

● Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system.

Product Specification

Ultimate Temperature

≤ 3200℃

Common Temperature

Normal Temperature  - 3000℃


High Temperature Zone Volume(mm)

Φ100X150   φ200X300    φ300X500

Working atmosphere in furnace

Vacuum,hydrogen,nitrogen,inert gases,etc

Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Measurement

Far infrared optical temperature measurement (double connector automatic switch)

Temperature Measurement accuracy


Temperature Control Accuracy


Temperature Control

Program control and manual control

Limit Heating Rate

80℃/ min (empty furnace, depending on the volume of high temperature zone and furnace structure)

Power Supply

IGBT control, thyristor control

Advantages of continuous graphitization furnace

1. High efficiency and energy saving: Continuous graphitization furnace adopts continuous process, which can achieve continuous production and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the heat generated during the graphitization process in the furnace can be fully utilized to reduce the waste of energy and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2. Uniform graphitization: The continuous graphitization furnace can achieve uniform heating and graphitization of carbon materials through reasonable furnace cavity design and control system, avoiding the problem of uneven temperature and incomplete graphitization that may occur in traditional batch graphitization furnaces.

3. Automatic control: The continuous graphitization furnace is equipped with advanced automatic control system, which can achieve accurate control and adjustment of temperature, atmosphere, feed speed and other parameters, and improve the stability and controllability of the production process.

4. Environment-friendly: The continuous graphitization furnace adopts a closed design, which can effectively control the atmosphere in the furnace, reduce the emission of gas and dust, and reduce the pollution to the environment.

5. Strong adaptability: Continuous graphitization furnace can be adjusted and optimized according to different carbon materials and process requirements, and is suitable for the treatment of a variety of graphitization processes and materials.

In summary, the continuous graphitization furnace has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, uniform graphitization, automatic control, environmental friendliness and strong adaptability, and is an ideal equipment for graphitization of carbon materials.

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