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Silicon Carbide Sintering Furnace

Widely used in metallurgical powder, ceramic sintering, silicon carbide...


Silicon carbide sintering furnace

[Usage] : Widely used in metallurgical powder, ceramic sintering, silicon carbide sintering, boron nitride sintering  

Product Advantage

Silicon carbide sintering furnace is a kind of intermittent resistance heating furnace, the main application scope is non-pressure silicon carbide sintering, hard alloy, powder metallurgy industry production of various particle sizes of tungsten carbide powder, chromium carbide powder, titanium carbide powder, vanadium carbide powder and other metal powder and composite metal powder, cold pressing molding, sintering treatment.  There are 200 different process heating curves in section.  

Characteristics of silicon carbide sintering furnace:  

Intelligent digital display instrument programming PID intelligent digital display temperature controller, new digital display, intelligent control technology, can reduce visual reading and human operation error, greatly improve work efficiency, double row digital display, key setting, overtemperature alarm.  Microcomputer automatic control, programmable multi-section rising, protecting, cooling curve, automatic heating, heat preservation, cooling and overtemperature protection, the program automatically stops at the end of operation, no need to watch.  

L Fast heating, environmental protection and energy saving, high precision, stable performance, good heat preservation effect.  

Furnace adopts high temperature heat insulation material, durable, the selection of heat insulation material to ensure that the temperature outside the furnace body under long-term work does not exceed the allowable value of the national standard.  

Internal circulating water system, to ensure the speed of cooling.  The furnace body temperature is close to room temperature.  

Product Specification

Limit temperature


Operating temperature


Ultimate vacuum

1Pa(in a cold, empty and clean furnace)

Leakage rate

no more than 10Pa/ hour for 12 hours after pump stop for 15 minutes

Temperature control accuracy




Heating material

graphite tube and graphite rod

Gas suppluy

Ar and N2 can be controlled separately on the distribution plate

Common constant temperature area


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