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High Temperature Sintering Furnace

vacuum/atmosphere sintering of cemented carbide, copper-tungsten alloy, tungsten...

High temperature sintering furnace  


[Application]: vacuum/atmosphere sintering of cemented carbide, copper-tungsten alloy, tungsten, molybdenum, alnico-cobalt permanent magnet, SmCo5, Sm2Co17, Ndfeb, titanium alloy and other alloy materials.

Product Advantage

The high temperature sintering furnace is a performance intelligent electric furnace which is specially suitable for cemented carbide industry (process permits can also be applied to other industries), and the engineers and technicians of our factory digest and absorb the temperature measurement, temperature control technology, intelligence, new material technology and furnace design technology at home and abroad.  The intermediate frequency induction sintering furnace produced by our factory is an intermittent gas (vacuum) protection furnace. According to the needs of sintering process time, a single set of power supply can be configured with multiple electric furnaces, which are heated by electricity and cooled by electricity respectively for a single furnace to achieve continuous work.  


Ultra-high temperature furnace body within 2400℃ can fully meet the sintering of various materials.  Using digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic precision to complete the temperature measurement and temperature control process, the system can be heated according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 pieces of a total of 400 different process heating curve.  

Adopt internal circulation pure water cooling system, digital flow monitoring system;High performance medium frequency contactor is used for automatic conversion of furnace body.

Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system.  

Product Specification

Maximum Use Temperature


High Temperature Volume


Working atmosphere in furnace


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Measurement

Infrared optical temperature measurement,temperature measurement range 800~2400℃ or 0~2400℃

Temperature Measurement accuracy


Temperature Control

Program control and manual control

Temperature Control accuracy


Limit heating rate

200℃/min(Empty Furace,depending on the volume of high temperature zone and furnace structure)

Advantages of high temperature sintering furnace

1. High temperature sintering furnace can provide a high temperature environment, so that the material is sintered at high temperature, so as to achieve the densification and crystallization of the material, and improve the mechanical and physical properties of the material.

2. High temperature sintering furnace has high heating rate and heating efficiency, which can quickly heat the material to the required sintering temperature and improve production efficiency.

3. High temperature sintering furnace has good temperature control performance, which can accurately control the sintering temperature and maintain the stability of the temperature to ensure the quality and consistency of the sintering process.

4. The high temperature sintering furnace has a large furnace volume and sintering area, which can handle large quantities of materials at the same time and improve production capacity.

5. High temperature sintering furnace has a long service life and low maintenance costs, can be stable operation and reduce downtime, improve the reliability and economy of the equipment.

In short, the high temperature sintering furnace has the advantages of high temperature environment, high heating rate, precise temperature control, large volume and long life in the sintering process of materials, which can improve the quality of materials and production efficiency.

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