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Vacuum Sublimation Furnace of Silicon Oxide


Suitable for mass production of vapor deposition materials such as silicon oxide; High precision temperature difference control, high temperature vacuum furnace; With high vacuum sublimation, reaction, degreasing, dehydration, vapor deposition material automatic grinding scraping, furnace collection and other special process capabilities.

Equipment features:

A large amount of material, high production efficiency.

The whole process is completely closed and automatic operation to avoid dust flying, and the production site environment is clean and tidy.

The temperature is controlled within 1500 degrees, and the heating rate is fast. Can maintain stable operation under vacuum.

Parameter of Apparatus

Furnace structure

horizontal type

Size of constant temperature zone

Φ500mm*600mm ,Φ600mm*800mm ,Φ700mm*1000mm ,Φ800mm*1600mm,etc sizes.

(can be customized according to customer needs)

furnace body

The inner and outer double-layer water cooling structure, and the contact part of the cooling water made of 304 stainless steel, effectively prevent the furnace body for a long time to use gas leakage phenomenon


Sublimation system


The heating zone is composed of induction coil, heavy corundum, graphite hard felt and isostatic graphite. The collection area is composed of 310S stainless steel and insulation layer.

temperature control system

Using PLC touch screen centralized control mode, automatic control, with network port, can realize remote control.

Heating System

Induction heating is adopted, and the power supply is IGBT energy-saving power supply with low noise and about 15% energy saving than the traditional thyristor power supply.

vacuum system

It is composed of multistage vacuum pump, vacuum valve, pressure controller and pipeline.

Cooling System

Equipped with closed cooling system, internal circulation with deionized water, will not cause scaling equipment pipeline, internal circulation water loss is small, external circulation with tap water, automatic water refill, fan start heat dissipation; Good heat dissipation effect, integrated environmental protection, small footprint and so on.

The equipment is composed of sublimation system, collection system, heating system, temperature control system, vacuum system, mechanical system and cooling system.

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