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How to deal with problems with sintering furnaces

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Vacuum Si2oz sintering furnace pneumatic vacuum valve cannot open? The pneumatic valve cannot open is only two reasons: actuator problems or a valve plate jammed. The actuator may be a bad cylinder, a bad solenoid valve, or a rusty jam. The valve plate of the sintering furnace is usually stuck because of damage to the soft seal. If the hard seal will not jam, always disassemble it to see, and find the cause, that is to repair it. Let's see how to deal with the Si2oz sintering furnace!

Here is the content list:

  • Deformation of the outer surface

  • How to deal with sintering when the current jumps and floats big

  • In the event of a power failure

  • When the heating power is off

  • When filling gas stops

Deformation of the outer surface

What is the reason that the appearance of the vacuum Si2oz sintering furnace will be crumpled and the corners will be slightly warped after sintering NdFeB magnets? This is just a slight warping of the outer circle of the furnace temperature zone in the Si2oz sintering furnace, which is formed by the uneven density of the molding and the low density of the center, after shrinking. Of course, if over-fired, there will also be this condition. As for the crumpled, it may be formed by the packing film during isostatic pressing or the wind blowing directly onto the exterior during air-cooling and cooling.

How to deal with sintering when the current jumps and floats big

If it is not a molybdenum belt (heating body) short-circuit, disconnection of the virtual connection. Then, adjust the PID of the Si2oz sintering furnace temperature control table. increase the P value, it is resolved. Vacuum sintering furnace products out of the furnace blowing fly are what problem is caused? The technical approach to densify the granular ceramic blank and form a solid material is called sintering. Si2oz sintering furnace is about the blank body between the particles of the empty pan sweep, will be a few gases and impurities of organic matter swept away. This allows the particles to grow and combine to form a new material. The heating equipment used for sintering is widely used in electric furnaces.

In the event of a power failure

In the event of a power failure in the Si2oz sintering furnace. If the water is cut off, the spare cooling water should be immediately connected to the water supply. We should restart the equipment if it can be recovered as soon as possible in the event of non-heating, heating, or cooling. If it takes longer to continue running again, leave the sintering furnace in its original state. Restart the appliance if it is being heated and cooled down and can be recovered as soon as possible. If it takes longer, leave the Si2oz sintering furnace as it is and let it cool down naturally.

When the heating power is off

Low water pressure. When the water pressure falls below 0.15MPa, the pressure gauge alarms.

Vacuum discharge, the water-cooled electrode joint, and the heater connection must be firmly connected, and the insulation of the reflection screen should be good. If the pressure inside the Si2oz sintering furnace is 13.3-66.5 Pa (this vacuum is prone to discharge). The power supply of the sintering furnace is faulty and the cause of the power drop can be considered as a discharge due to dielectric breakdown.

When filling gas stops

The gas takes a long time to fill or cannot be filled before evacuation starts. In this case, please check whether the gas line of the Si2oz sintering furnace is blocked. If the gas line is OK, check the operation of the solenoid valve and the gas filling valve. For safety reasons, check that all associated equipment is stopped. If the filling of the vacuum chamber cannot be stopped, the pressure relief valve operates. If the pressure relief valve operates, close all gas systems including the gas supply valve and piping of the Si2oz sintering furnace. Check that there are no gas leaks in the gas-filling piping, as this may affect the quality of the product.

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