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Tips on The Use of The Sintering Furnace

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A vacuum graphitization furnace is a production facility that includes a sintering furnace and an evacuation section. The sintering furnace includes a furnace body and a heating chamber mounted in the furnace body. The vacuum graphitization furnace is fitted with six pilot electrodes and is characterized by a hydraulic upper beam and a hydraulic lower beam on the top and bottom of the furnace body respectively, which are connected by four pillars to form a whole.

Here is the content list:

  • Keeping the sintering environment clean

  • Tips for daily use.

  • Precautions for use

Keeping the sintering environment clean

The vacuum graphitization furnace uses the medium frequency induction heating principle to generate high temperatures in the tungsten crucible inside the coil under vacuum and then protected by hydrogen gas. It is used for powder forming and sintering of refractory alloys such as tungsten, molybdenum, and their alloys in research units using heat radiation conduction to the work. The place where the vacuum graphitization furnace is installed should meet the requirements of vacuum hygiene, the surrounding air should be clean and dry and well ventilated, the working site is not easy to raise dust, etc.

Tips for daily use

1. Check that all parts and accessories in the control cabinet of the sintering furnace are complete and in good condition.

2. Install the control cabinet on the corresponding foundation and fix it.

3. According to the wiring diagram and refer to the electrical schematic diagram, connect the external main circuit and control circuit, and ground reliably to ensure that the wiring is correct.

4. Check that the movable part of the electrical apparatus of the vacuum graphitization furnace should move freely and that there is no jamming.

5. Insulation resistance should be not less than 2 megohms.

6. The valves of the vacuum electric furnace must be in the closed position.

7. The power switch controlling the vacuum graphitization furnace is placed in the off position.

8. The manual pressure adjusting knob rotates the head counterclockwise.

9. The alarm knob is placed in the open position.

10. According to the plan to complete the equipment of the circulating cooling water connection, it is recommended that the user in the equipment of the total inlet and outlet pipes and then access spare water (available tap water), to prevent the circulating water failure or power failure resulting in the seal burned out.

Precautions for use

1. Medium frequency power supply, vacuum furnace body, induction ring of the cooling water source - the water reservoir must be full, and the water must not have impurities.

2. Start the vacuum graphitization furnace water pump, so that its medium frequency power supply, vacuum furnace induction circle, and furnace cooling system water circulation are normal, and adjust the water pressure control in the specified value.

3. Check the vacuum pump power system, and belt plate belt tightness, vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil seal observation hole. After checking, manually rotate the vacuum pump belt plate, if there is no abnormality, you can start the vacuum pump with the butterfly valve closed.

4. Check the situation inside the vacuum vacuum graphitization furnace, requiring a sanitary level inside the vacuum furnace, good insulation of the induction ring, elasticity of the sealing vacuum tape, and qualified dimensions.

5. Check whether the lever handle of the vacuum furnace body is flexible to start.

6. Check whether the rotating vacuum gauge is in line with the requirements.

7. When padding the vacuum sealing tape and covering the top cover of the furnace body, pay attention to prevent pressure on the hand.

8. Any workpieces or containers that are likely to volatilize under vacuum conditions and affect vacuum hygiene, cause blockage of pipes and dirty vacuum pumps, must not be put into the vacuum graphitization furnace.

9. Any product with a molding agent (such as oil or paraffin) must be taken off before sintering in the furnace, otherwise, it will cause undesirable consequences.

10. During the whole sintering process, pay attention to the water gauge pressure range and cooling water circulation of the vacuum graphitization furnace to avoid accidents.

If you still have unanswered questions about sintering furnace-related products, Hunan Jingtan Automation Equipment Co., LTD. is waiting for your visit and consultation.

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