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The main characteristics of chemical vapor deposition furnace

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Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a kind of chemical technology, which mainly uses one or several gaseous compounds or elements containing thin film elements to produce thin film by chemical reaction on the surface of substrate. Chemical vapor deposition furnace is a new technology for preparing inorganic materials developed in recent decades. Chemical vapor deposition has been widely used to purify substances, develop new crystals, and deposit various monocrystalline, polycrystalline or glassy inorganic film materials.

Main characteristics of chemical vapor deposition furnace:

1) At medium or high temperature, solid material is deposited on the matrix through the gas phase chemical reaction between the initial compounds in the gaseous state.

2) Can be deposited under atmospheric pressure or vacuum conditions (negative pressure "deposition, usually vacuum deposition film quality is better).

3) Using plasma and laser assisted technology can significantly promote the chemical reaction, so that deposition can be carried out at lower temperatures.

4) The chemical composition of the coating can change with the change of gas phase composition, so as to obtain gradient deposits or mixed coatings.

5) The density and purity of coating can be controlled.

6) Wrap plating parts well. It can be coated on matrix of complex shape as well as on granular materials. Suitable for coating a variety of complex shapes of the workpiece. Because of its good coating performance, so can be coated with groove, groove, hole, even blind hole workpiece.

7) The sedimentary layer usually has a columnar crystal structure and is not resistant to bending, but its structure can be improved by gas phase perturbation of chemical reactions by various techniques.

8) Coatings of various metals, alloys, ceramics and compounds can be formed through various reactions.

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