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Tell Us about The Advantages of Sintering Furnaces

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As vacuum technology has become more sophisticated, it has been widely used in the field of heating equipment. Amongst other things, thebottom discharge graphitization furnace has been developed successfully and will be of great help in the heating of different applications. Then, after the vacuum bottom discharge graphitization furnace is developed, customers will choose the manufacturer of the technology when ordering. Thus, what are the main advantages?

Here is the content list:

  • Durable product structure

  • Precisely meet the needs

  • Long warranty period

  • Rich variety of products

Durable product structure

The bottom discharge graphitization furnace body is made of steel structure. The main insulation material is 1050-grade aluminosilicate fiber, with a thickness of high-temperature zone ≥ 340mm. the thickness of the medium temperature zone ≥ 200mm. the low-temperature zone is insulated with 100K mineral wool felt. And special design air insulation layer and aluminum foil heat insulation reflection layer. The exterior of the bottom discharge graphitization furnace body is fitted with 0.75mm colorful corrugated steel plates, which are beautiful and durable.

Precisely meet the needs

The bottom discharge graphitization furnace is matched to the customer's application and then to the right type of sintering furnace. As long as this is the case, not only can the heating costs be saved, but more importantly, the type chosen can meet the heating needs of the practical use. Thus, after the gradual increase of various bottom discharge graphitization furnace products for sale, the order from the manufacturer will also be more trustworthy. It will be more helpful to be able to strictly grasp the practical uses and needs of your order.

Long warranty period

If the bottom discharge graphitization furnace encounters problems during the warranty period, the technical staff of the manufacturer will provide free repair services for the customer. Of course, in this case, there is no delay to the normal operation of the vacuum bottom discharge graphitization furnace. Thus, the after-sales service system is becoming more and more perfect, in the maintenance of the sintering furnace service will also be a guarantee, to meet the specifications of customer satisfaction. At least this makes the customer order a little more confident, in the quality will be better.

Rich variety of products

The design of the structure is rich in variety. As the bottom discharge graphitization furnace is different in use, the installation position will also be different. At this point, you can find a skilled manufacturer to order from. To choose the sintering furnace modeling can be in the process of installation and used more quickly and efficiently, but also will not present quality problems. In conclusion, the technology in the purchase will also be more confident. Then, it must be scientific and reasonable to grasp the design requirements of the bottom discharge graphitization furnace modeling.

Hunan Jingtan Automation Equipment Co., LTD. continues to study science and technology to meet the needs of society and develop and produce products with high added value. We are committed to meeting the growing needs of our customers for bottom discharge graphitization furnaces and other products, and to providing quality services in a more efficient and timely manner. We are willing to move forward together with you to realize the beautiful ideals of mankind. We hope that you will give us further support and guidance. We will return your care with enthusiasm and solid work efforts.

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