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How to maintain a sintering furnace

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The vacuum high-temperature sintering furnace is heated in a vacuum environment and is generally composed of a furnace chamber, an electric heating device, a sealed furnace shell, a vacuum system, a power supply system, and a temperature control system. Here you will find an analysis of the precautions and maintenance of the high-temperature sintering furnace during operation.

Here is the content list:

  • Precautions

  • Protection and maintenance

  • Baking furnace


We should be aware of the protection and precautions of the vacuum pump in the vacuum high-temperature sintering furnace. The cleaning pump oil of the vacuum pump in the 

vacuum sintering furnace follows the poor operation of the vacuum pump in the vacuum sintering furnace. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the degree of dirtiness and viscosity through the oil sight window and to replace the pump oil in the high-temperature sintering furnace in time. The replacement cycle of the pump oil in the sintering furnace is one oil change and cleaning every six months. The vacuum pump generates high temperatures (40°-80°) during the long operation of the vacuum sintering furnace. Therefore, the sintering furnace should not be touched on the surface before the motor and pump body cool down to normal temperature during operation or just after suspension.

Protection and maintenance

Vacuum high-temperature sintering furnace equipment used in the cloth rags, etc. will be placed to the rules of the accumulation of address, to prevent debris into the pump. Non-repair personnel stop dismantling the vacuum pump parts in the vacuum high-temperature sintering furnace. If an emergency arises during operation, turn off the total power supply immediately after warranty processing. If the equipment in the vacuum sintering furnace is abnormal, the operation should be suspended immediately to stop the strong irrigation and continue to work with the disease.

Baking furnace

A vacuum high-temperature sintering furnace is divided into a vacuum resistance furnace, vacuum induction furnace, vacuum electric arc furnace, vacuum self-consumption electric arc furnace, electron beam furnace, and plasma furnace according to the heating element. Vacuum furnaces generally leak more in spring and autumn, and vacuum high-temperature sintering furnaces that have been idle for a long time are more likely to leak when they are used again.

This time it is necessary to carry out vacuum leak detection, vacuum leak detection - generally takes once a month to measure the rate of pressure rise (at room temperature, close all vacuum valves, stop the vacuum system operation, and 10 minutes to read a number, 1 hour later to read a number. The difference between the two numbers is the value of the rate of pressure rise). Grasping the equipment leakage change trend. Such as vacuum equipment for a week of continuous downtime, to airlift 1 time.

A vacuum high-temperature sintering furnace consists of a furnace body, insulation layer, heating body, transformer, power distribution cabinet (including temperature control instrument), pre-stage pump and Roots pump various connection pipes, valves, etc. The heating of the vacuum sintering furnace uses graphite as the resistance heating body. Taking into account the safety of the equipment, the strength of the heating body graphite itself, and the surface power. The high-temperature sintering furnace is designed with a transformer to obtain low voltage and high current. The furnace body of the sintering furnace is laminated, with cooling water inside, and the furnace body is insulated with graphite carbon felt. The carbon felts are tied with carbon ropes on a screen to maintain a fixed shape.

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