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High Temperature Carbon Tube Furnace

Mainly used for purification of graphite powder and other...


High temperature carbon tube furnace  

[Usage ] : Mainly used for purification of graphite powder and other high temperature treatment.  Its operating temperature can reach 2800℃, and can work continuously for a long time.  Good production efficiency, energy saving.  With on-line temperature measurement and temperature control system, the temperature in the furnace can be monitored in real time and adjusted automatically.

Main features:  

1, The use of temperature up to 2800 degrees, good temperature uniformity, constant temperature area length, low failure rate of equipment operation.  

2, Long service life of furnace tube, continuous production 20-30 days with the furnace.  

3, With infrared temperature measurement and temperature control system, real-time display and PID automatic control of the temperature in the furnace, the product quality is stable.  At the same time to ensure the requirements of the product.  

4,Adopt three-phase power supply mode, three-phase power balance, stable performance.  Unlike carbon tube furnace using single-phase power supply, phase voltage imbalance, impact on the        power grid, affecting the operation of other equipment.  

5, The use of common temperature, the temperature can reach 3000℃, can work at 2600-2800℃ for a long time  

6, The use of automatic feeding device, time control in and out of the material, high degree of automation, low labor intensity of workers, product high temperature treatment time is consistent.  

7, The use of carbon felt as insulation material, no use of carbon black, convenient replacement of carbon tube, while clean.  

8, Using the push boat production mode, can stop the furnace continuous production.  Unlike the gap type (vertical furnace) furnace, there is no need to stop every furnace, and wait for its cooling to take out the material, low production efficiency, high energy consumption.  

9, The material is in the boat, the material will not appear secondary pollution.  

10. The product quantity of each boat is about 1.5 kg. The product quality can be sampled and tested in time, and the process can be modified according to the test results. No need to stop the furnace, less waste of materials.

11, Short heating time, up to 200℃/ hour.  

12, The furnace body sealing is good, small loss of protective gas.  All flanges and furnace covers are sealed with sealing strips.  

13. The tank and flange of furnace body are made of stainless steel, without rust and with long service life.  

14, Equipped with a vacuum pump for the replacement of gas in the furnace, short ventilation time, less gas consumption.  

Product specification  

Rated power


Input voltage

three-phase 380V  

Operating temperature


Maximum temperature


The protective gas


Temperature control mode

PID automatic control  

Temperature measurement Mode

Infrared temperature measurement  

Automatic feeding

by PLC program

Working mode

Push boat intermittent feeding, continuous work  

The size of the boat

φ 126X320mm

Cooling mode

Circulating water cooling  

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