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Basic Steps for Operating A Vacuum Sintering Furnace

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Vacuum sintering furnaces are furnaces that use induction heating for maintenance sintering of heated items and can be divided into types such as industrial frequency, medium frequency, and high frequency. How to operate the vacuum sintering furnace safely and correctly? Please follow me below to see it together.

Here is the content list:

  • Vacuum sintering furnace introduction

  • Pay attention to view

  • Sintering precautions

Vacuum sintering furnace introduction

A vacuum sintering furnace is under vacuum or maintenance atmosphere conditions, and the use of medium frequency induction heating principle to make carbide tips and a variety of metal powder limit the body to achieve sintering equipment. This is planned for the industrial production of cemented carbide and ceramic materials. Medium frequency power supply, vacuum sintering furnace body, induction circle of the cooling water source, and reservoir of water necessary to overflow, the water must not have impurities. Start the water pump, so that its medium frequency power supply, vacuum sintering furnace induction circle, and furnace cooling system water circulation are normal, and adjust the water pressure control to the specified value.

Pay attention to view

Check the vacuum pump power supply system, and belt plate belt tightness. Understand whether the vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil seal investigation hole. After checking properly, manually roll the vacuum pump belt disc. If there is no anomaly, the vacuum pump can be started with the butterfly valve closed. Check the situation inside the vacuum sintering furnace, the vacuum sintering furnace is required to be sanitary at the first level. The induction ring insulation is outstanding, the sealing vacuum tape is elastic and the dimensions are qualified.

Check that the lever handle of the vacuum sintering furnace body is activated sensitively. Check that the rolling vacuum gauge meets the requirements. Check that the graphite crucible and furnace accessories are in order. After the above is ready, turn on the power, and the IF power supply is closed. Then try to start the frequency conversion according to the IF starting rules. Suspend the frequency conversion after success before opening the furnace.

Sintering precautions

During the vacuum sintering furnace process, observe the induction circle from the observation hole on the side of the furnace body at any time to see whether the phenomenon of arc release occurs. If any abnormalities are found, report them to the relevant personnel immediately. Use the rotating vacuum gauge correctly. Otherwise, it may cause errors in the vacuum reading or cause public damage due to the mercury overflowing as a result of the too-hasty operation. The vacuum sintering furnace butterfly valve should be started slowly. Otherwise, it may cause oil bubbling due to over-eager pumping and bring bad consequences. Also, pay attention to the safe operation of the vacuum pump belt disc.

When padding the vacuum sealing tape and covering the top cover of the furnace body, pay attention to prevent pressure on the hand. Any workpieces or containers that are likely to volatilize under vacuum conditions and affect vacuum hygiene. Blockage of pipes, and dirty the vacuum pump, must not be put into the furnace. It should be noted that any products with molding agents (such as oil or paraffin) must be removed before sintering in the furnace, otherwise, it will cause undesirable consequences. Finally, during the whole vacuum sintering furnace process, attention should be paid to the water gauge pressure range and cooling water circulation to avoid accidents.

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