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An Introduction to The Application of Sintering Furnaces

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A vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace is a process in which, at high temperatures, the solid particles of the raw ceramic are bonded to each other, the grains grow and the voids (pores) and grain boundaries are gradually reduced. Through the transfer of material, its total volume shrinks, and its density increases. Finally, the furnace becomes a dense polycrystalline sintered body with a certain microstructure. Here's an introduction to the applications of vacuum hot pressure sintering furnaces!

Here is the content list:

  • Types of sintering furnaces

  • Application range

  • The high degree of automation

  • Genuine materials

  • High safety

Types of sintering furnaces

Industrial vacuum hot pressure sintering furnaces cover most of the high-temperature sintering furnaces on the market and are divided according to industry, the main types of sintering furnaces are

1. Cemented carbide field: vacuum sintering furnace, low-pressure (60 bar) sintering furnace, vacuum degreasing sintering furnace, low-pressure degreasing sintering furnace, low-pressure degreasing sintering gas quenching furnace (20 bar);

2. Powder metallurgy: continuous mesh belt vacuums hot pressure sintering furnace (1150 degrees), pusher type sintering furnace (1250 degrees), steel belt sintering furnace (1000 degrees), rotary sintering furnace, etc.;

3. Solar energy field: polysilicon ingot casting furnace also belongs to a kind of sintering furnace.

Application range

Vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace are mainly used for the sintering of ceramic powders, ceramic inserts, and other zirconia ceramics. Sintering of diamond saw blades, also for heat treatment of copper, steel strip annealing, etc. Sintering furnaces are mainly used in the steel industry, metallurgical industry, new material industry, etc.

The high degree of automation

The vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace is highly active and can be replaced with one key (vacuuming and argon flushing process in the furnace). The whole operation process is actively monitored by water, electricity, and gas, and the touch screen simulation allows you to investigate the operation of the equipment at any time. The alarm indication of the vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace, the temperature rise curve, and the switching on/off operation can all be checked and operated on the touch screen.

Genuine materials

The sintering furnace material is sufficient and genuine. The furnace body is made of 304 stainless steels, in strict accordance with the pressure vessel standards, corrosion resistance, and good confinement performance. Vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace insulation materials are used for high-purity graphite felt, which is durable. All electrical components are imported or run securely.

High safety

The safety of the vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace is high. The furnace is equipped with an active explosion-proof valve, which is safe and reliable. A separate flow switch is installed in the inductor section to monitor the water flow in real-time. Power supply with overcurrent and overvoltage values set strictly on request. The operating conditions of the equipment can be investigated on the mobile side (on the mobile phone) and the sintering furnace can be operated remotely in a fundamental way.

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