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Working principle and application of vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace

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Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is a kind of production equipment, including sintering furnace and vacuum pumping part, sintering furnace including furnace body and installed in the furnace heating chamber, sintering furnace is installed with six electric electrodes, which is characterized by the furnace body on the upper and lower respectively provided with oil press beam and oil press beam, oil press beam and oil press beam are connected by four pillars into a whole.

Working principle and application of vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace:

The equipment includes furnace body, vacuum system, pressure system, control system, hot area, gas system and so on. The equipment can be used for sintering of metal, ceramic and some refractory metal intermediate compound powder. The advantage of hot pressing sintering is that the equipment investment is small (relative to hot isostatic pressing), the United States CVI company can manufacture thousands of tons of pressure hot pressing sintering furnace, in many areas can completely replace hot isostatic pressing, can prepare large diameter materials, effective control of the densification process and quality of materials.

Hot press sintering is the process of densification of products by using heat and mechanical energy. Due to the high vacuum degree maintained in the hot pressing process, the sintering temperature of the product can be further effectively reduced and the gas in the tiny pores can be efficiently eliminated, thus further promoting the densification of the hot pressing material.

The use of hot pressing sintering furnace is very important, but compared with the use of hot pressing sintering furnace, these precautions of hot pressing sintering furnace should be paid more attention to, such as the following points:

1, thermocouple for tungsten-rhenium type, use will be brittle, can not contact. If damaged, replace it in time.

2, the furnace body should be kept vacuum after use, because the thermal insulation layer in the furnace is susceptible to moisture, vacuum preservation so that the next vacuum will be faster.

3, because the equipment is more complex, it is recommended that people use, people are responsible for the strict implementation of pre-use training for novices, post-use inspection, operation and use of records and other equipment use regulations.

4, winter should pay attention to the circulation of water warm problems, otherwise easy to occur water pipe burst.

5, the hot press furnace can also be used as a vacuum sintering furnace, for the vacuum sintering furnace, pay attention to the crucibles placed in the furnace, do not forget to cover the small cover in the middle after covering the insulation screen cover. Otherwise it is easy to burn the electric furnace.

6, before the operation should be clean to observe the window glass, clean the inner wall of the furnace, observe the water pressure, observe whether the graphite in the furnace is damaged, observe whether the instrument display is normal after power-on, test whether the hydraulic system can work normally.

7, useful thermocouple heating process, pay attention to the comparison and infrared temperature deviation, such as the temperature difference is large, should use the infrared sight to observe whether the infrared instrument is aligned.

8, after the use of the electric furnace, the instrument should be sent to the metering department for proofreading.

9, the operation should often touch the furnace cover, furnace body, furnace bottom, electricity, upper and lower pressure and other parts, to prevent excessive water temperature damage to the seal.

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