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What is the vacuum furnace for?

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Vacuum furnace is a heating equipment in the vacuum state. It can heat treat many workpieces,

 but there are still many users who do not understand it very well. They do not know what its purpose and function is, 

but they do not know what it is used for.

Vacuum furnace is mainly used for ceramic firing, vacuum smelting, electric vacuum parts degassing, annealing, 

metal parts brazing, and ceramic - metal sealing, etc.


1, vacuum furnace can be used for vacuum sintering furnace (tempering, annealing, quenching) is a treatment method 

to achieve the expected performance by heating and cooling the materials or parts in the vacuum state according to the process rules.

2. Vacuum brazing is a welding process in which a group of welds are heated to a temperature above the melting point of the 

filler metal but below the melting point of the matrix metal under the vacuum condition, and the welding seam is formed by 

the wetting and flowing of the filler metal to the matrix metal (brazing temperature varies with different materials).

3, vacuum furnace can be used for vacuum sintering, that is, in the vacuum state, the metal powder products heated, 

so that adjacent metal powder grains through the adhesion and diffusion of a method of sintering parts.

4, vacuum magnetization, mainly suitable for metal material magnetization treatment.

Vacuum furnace has a variety of different specifications and models, and they are different in the effective zone size, 

furnace loading amount, heating power and other aspects, so it can be used in the field with different requirements for these aspects.

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