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What is the use of graphitizing furnace?

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Gold film "PI film

Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO followed Samsung's foldable phone concept, and Apple also launched a concept phone. The core of foldable phone lies in the screen, which breaks the original single-screen touch screen concept and adopts a large and foldable screen. Currently, only AMOLED screen can realize this concept.

Folding screen mobile phone many materials, hinge is the core component, flexible function lies in the "PI", PI for the industry is not unfamiliar, PI film used for lithium battery, is the polymer material in the plastic material with good heat resistance. Foldable phones appear, and they will follow suit due to their functional advantages.

PI membrane is widely used in a variety of industrial applications in the market, such as solar cell floor, aerospace aircraft structure or functional parts, transformers, electromagnetic wires, speakers, mobile phones, computers.

Because PI film has good heat resistance, it can be widely used in the field of electronics, ushering in hundreds of millions of yuan of investment from major enterprises for research, production and sales.

Carbonization and graphitization

With the rapid development of PI membrane and graphene, the market of these two products have their own unique opinions, the news media and scholars have from the development prospects, application fields, advantages and other aspects of text, video description, few people will pay attention to how this hot material is made.

For example, the preparation process of PI high thermal conductivity graphite film is roughly divided into slicing, PI original film rewinding, carbonization, graphitization, calendering, laminating, die cutting, finished products.

Among them, carbonization and graphitization are two key steps. Compared with the rest of the steps, they pay more attention to technology. Carbonization and graphitization pay more attention to temperature control and reasonable utilization of materials.

Like graphitization furnace, experimental graphitization furnace and vacuum graphitization furnace, they are mainly used for carbon materials sintering and graphitization, PI film graphitization, heat conduction materials graphitization, carbon fiber rope sintering, carbon fiber filament sintered graphitization, graphite powder purification and other materials that can be graphitized in carbon environment and other high temperature treatment.

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