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What is the use and operation method of high temperature siliconizing sintering furnace?

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High temperature siliconizing sintering furnace is a kind of equipment for preparing high purity silicon materials. Its main uses include:

1. Preparation of monocrystalline silicon: high temperature siliconizing sintering furnace can be used to prepare monocrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon is an important material for the preparation of semiconductor devices and solar cells and other high-tech products.

2. Preparation of polysilicon: high temperature siliconizing sintering furnace can also be used to prepare polysilicon, polysilicon is widely used in photovoltaic industry.

3. Preparation of silicon wafers: High temperature siliconizing sintering furnace can burn silicon materials into silicon wafers, silicon wafers are the basic materials for the preparation of integrated circuits.

The operation method is as follows:

1. Prepare silicon materials: Cut high-purity silicon raw materials into appropriate sized chunks.

2. Loading silicon materials: Load silicon blocks into the furnace, paying attention to the arrangement and density of the bulk silicon materials.

3. Close the furnace door: close the furnace door to ensure a stable temperature in the furnace.

4. Set the temperature and time: Set the appropriate temperature and holding time according to the requirements of silicon materials.

5. Heating up: Start the furnace and gradually heat up to make the silicon material reach the required temperature.

6. Heat preservation sintering: the silicon material is kept at the required temperature for sintering, so that the silicon material crystallizes and forms the required shape.

7. Cooling and cooling: After sintering is completed, the silicon material is gradually cooled to room temperature.

8. Take out silicon material: Open the furnace door and take out the sintered silicon material.

It should be noted that the temperature and time should be strictly controlled during the operation to ensure the quality and performance of the silicon material. In addition, operators need to comply with relevant safety operating procedures to ensure personal safety and the normal operation of the equipment

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