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What is the main principle of graphitization furnace?

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The graphitization furnace works simply by using a heating element to heat a piece of graphite and turn it into a gas. When graphite becomes a gas, it is more easily absorbed into the metal.

There are two kinds of graphitization furnaces, one is vacuum graphitization furnace, the other is gas protected graphitization furnace. The working principle of vacuum graphitization furnace is to contact the processed material with the composite material to be formed under the condition of high vacuum, so that the material can produce chemical reaction or physical change and form the composite material. The gas protected graphitization furnace uses gas to separate the processed material from the composite material to be formed, avoiding the interaction between the materials.

Graphitization furnace is in the vacuum after hydrogen filled protection state, using the principle of medium frequency induction heating, so that the tungsten crucible in the coil to produce high temperature, through the heat radiation conduction to the work, suitable for scientific research units to refractory object forming sintering.

Graphitization furnace structure is mostly vertical, discharging way. Its main components are: electric furnace body, vacuum system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, inlet and outlet mechanism, base, workbench, induction heating device, inlet device, medium frequency power supply and electrical control system.

The main function of the graphitization furnace is to fill the protective gas with hydrogen after vacuuming to control the sintering state of the pressure and atmosphere in the furnace. Available optical fiber infrared radiation thermometer and armored thermocouple continuous temperature measurement (0 ~ 2500℃), and through the intelligent temperature controller and set program compared, select the implementation of the state feedback to the intermediate frequency power supply, automatic control of the temperature and insulation program.

Graphitization furnace is an industrial device that can make graphite from a variety of rocks and chemicals. It can be used to manufacture graphite materials with high quality, high performance and strong electrical conductivity. There are many types of graphitization furnace, common plane type, vertical, suspension type, liquid type and so on.

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