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What is the main function of sintering furnace

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Sintering: The powder material after pressing forming under the action of high temperature below the melting point, 

through the mutual bonding and material transfer between the billet particles, so that the pore elimination, 

volume shrinkage, strength improvement, gradually into a certain geometric shape and strength process.

The purpose of sintering is to transform a powdery material into a compact body and give the material its characteristic properties.

The sintering furnace is used for sintering. Mainly vacuum hot press furnace and discharge plasma sintering furnace (SPS), 

can directly sintering powder forming.

Sintering furnace is used more in some scientific research projects, and some military units will use vacuum sintering furnace. 

The vacuum sintering furnace injects hydrogen in the vacuum state during operation, 

and uses the chemical principle to produce high temperature for conduction. 

Like many metal materials that are not easy to melt, vacuum sintering furnace must be used

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