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What are the points for attention in the process of using continuous carbonization furnace?

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Carbon is often used in our industrial production, and it is necessary to smelt metal materials with carbon. In our daily life, we often eat carbon fire barbecue, and in the place where the weather is relatively cold, carbon fire will be used. Because the demand for carbon is relatively large, there is the emergence of carbonization furnace, carbonization furnace can be under the action of high temperature to turn wood blocks into carbon. So in the process of using continuous carbonization furnace, what problems need to be paid attention to? The following and everyone together to understand the point of attention about continuous carbonization furnace.

1, before the use of carbonization furnace must be checked on each part of the parts, especially to check the operation of the fan, to ensure the flexible and smooth operation of the fan. It is also necessary to check whether there is water leakage in the condenser and check the connection of each part. And to seal the quantity of rock wool accounting, to ensure sufficient use, must ensure that there is no problem in mechanical operation to be able to operate.

2. After the inspection, you need to add a pay raise rod in the furnace. When adding a pay raise rod, it must be placed neatly. After igniting the rod, the induced draft fan should be started first, the upper fire door should be turned off, and then the lower fire door should be opened, and the position of the smoke outlet should be adjusted to the appropriate position. Keep the flue clear and stop working immediately if there is a problem with smoke discharge.

3, temperature control is also very important, because the temperature of the carbonization furnace is very high, stop working if you want to marry the charcoal in the oven, to prepare cold water in advance. After the charcoal is removed from the furnace, it is cooled in water. During the work, hands should be prevented from being burned. Be sure to wait until the temperature drops to 100℃ before taking charcoal.

Finally, we remind you once again: when operating the continuous carbonization furnace, we must pay attention to safety to prevent high temperature burning the skin. Also to observe the temperature change of carbonization furnace, only the temperature in place to be able to make high quality charcoal.

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