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What are the emergency measures for the use of various vacuum furnaces?

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What are the emergency measures for the failure of vacuum furnace? 

In case of emergency such as sudden power failure, water cut off or compressed air cut off,

 the following emergency measures should be taken immediately: emergency nitrogen and

 emergency cooling water. The main measures taken are:

One, when the heating chamber heating and power failure

1. Turn off the total power of the device immediately.

2. Close the vacuum valves of each pipe to prevent air from entering the vacuum furnace.

3. Use high purity nitrogen to 6.6×10-4 for heating chamber ventilation to cool furnace as soon as possible.

 Steady hand at the same time in advance to the cooling chamber ventilation to pressure hot gate valve.

4. If recycled water is used for cooling and water supply, use standby water (tap water or reservoir).

Two, when the heating chamber heating water

1. Cut off the heating power immediately.

2. Enable the standby water.

3. Transfer the workpiece from the heating chamber to the cooling chamber, and fill nitrogen to cool the parts quickly.

4. Fill with high purity nitrogen and heat the chamber to make it cool quickly below 150.

Three, when the heating chamber heating, there is a partial leakage

1. Immediately plug the leak with vacuum cement.

2. Cut off the heating power immediately.

3. The heating chamber is immediately filled with high purity nitrogen, 

so that the pressure in front of the furnace is close to a grade to reduce air infiltration.

Four, flow operation

1. If there is no water or insufficient water pressure for a short time, 

there can be an audible and visual alarm system, but it does not affect the work. 

It can continue to work under normal circumstances.

2. If the water is cut off or the water pressure is insufficient and the situation is estimated to be more than 20 minutes, 

the heating should be stopped immediately. Heat from zero until the water pressure returns to normal, 

which should be according to the uniform process curve when the heating chamber temperature is just right.

V. Exercise of power

Power system, all pneumatic valves close immediately. If the power failure occurs in the process of "feeding" or "feeding", 

the specific punishment is free as follows:

1. When encountering the "feeding" process, change the "Activity" mode to "manual" mode, 

use the manual operation key to complete the "feeding process", then change the "manual" to "activity", and continue to work according to the normal standard.

2. When encountering the "feed" process, immediately remove the material with a human and will close the gate valve with a human, after the call, from the start of a job. The so-called "people", is artificially through the DC motor under the handshake or instrument tail, so that the mechanism action.

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