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What are the curing measures of vacuum sintering furnace?

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Nowadays, vacuum sintering furnace has been widely used in many industries. 

This is because this kind of sintering furnace has powerful functions and plays a very prominent role.

 After people have a deeper understanding of this kind of equipment, this kind of equipment has been introduced in more occasions.

 In order to make the equipment have a longer service life, it is necessary to maintain it according to the following maintenance measures.

1, regular cleaning and inspection

Vacuum sintering furnace can collect and form a variety of different materials, and then it may be contaminated by powder 

or organic matter in the process of use. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of regular cleaning of the equipment in daily use. 

At the same time also need to do a good job of equipment inspection work cleaning mainly refers to the lamp tube and 

cavity internal cleaning and equipment shell cleaning, avoid infection of organic matter. The inspection mainly refers to

 whether the transmission parts of the empty sintering furnace equipment are flexible and available, 

whether there is no limit, clamping and out of control phenomenon, to avoid forced operation and damage to the parts.

2, according to the instructions for use and maintenance

There is no doubt that each equipment has its own specific operating procedures, only in accordance 

with the instructions of use and maintenance, can be more helpful to prolong the use of the equipment, 

the same is true for vacuum receiving flow equipment. When using vacuum sintering furnace equipment, 

understand the instructions in advance, operate vacuum pumps, measuring instruments, valves, 

thermal instruments, electrical components and other accessories according to the steps suggested

 in the instructions, and carry out maintenance according to the maintenance cycle and strategy suggested in the instructions.

3. Let special personnel carry out maintenance

If the vacuum sintering furnace is found to be abnormal, then maintenance also need to be carried out without power, 

because if it is live maintenance, there are certain safety risks. And in order to better ensure the safety of all aspects,

so the need to be maintained by people, can not be dismantled without permission.

In view of the above aspects, the maintenance measures of vacuum sintering furnace are not complicated.

 If users do not know how to maintain, they need to carefully read the instructions of sintering furnace and other related contents, 

or conduct maintenance under the guidance of special personnel. In this way, proper maintenance measures 

can not only ensure the normal use of sintering furnace, It can also help to extend the service life of sintering furnace.

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