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What Is The Use And Scope of Continuous Graphitization Furnace?

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A continuous graphitization furnace is a heat treatment device used to convert a solid substance into a gas or liquid form. It is commonly used for the following purposes and areas:

1. Graphitization: Continuous graphitization furnaces can convert solid substances (such as coal, wood, rubber, etc.) into graphitized gases or liquids through high temperature heating and chemical reactions. These graphitized products can be used to manufacture graphite materials, graphite electrodes, graphite coatings, etc.

2. Coking: Continuous graphitization furnaces can also be used to convert coal or other organic materials into coke. Coke is an important industrial raw material, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, casting, electric power and other fields.

3. Biomass energy conversion: Continuous graphitization furnaces can convert biomass (such as wood, straw, waste crops, etc.) into biomass carbon, biomass oil or biomass gas. These biomass energy sources can be used for heating, power generation, replacing fossil fuels, etc.

4. Waste treatment: Continuous graphitization furnaces can process various solid wastes, such as plastics, rubber, waste materials, etc., and convert them into reusable gases or liquids. This helps to reduce the volume of waste and environmental pollution.

5. Chemical production: Continuous graphitization furnaces can also be used for heat treatment, reaction and transformation in the chemical production process. It can provide a high temperature, oxygen free or special atmosphere reaction environment for the synthesis of chemicals, catalyst preparation, gas treatment and so on.

In general, continuous graphitization furnaces have a wide range of applications in the fields of energy, chemical industry, metallurgy and environmental protection. It can convert solid substances into useful gas or liquid forms, achieving efficient use of resources and waste treatment.

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