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Vacuum sintering furnace using skills

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vacuum sintering furnace

1. Check whether all parts and accessories in the control cabinet of vacuum sintering furnace are complete and intact.  

2. The control cabinet is installed on the corresponding foundation and fixed.  

3, according to the wiring diagram, and refer to the electrical schematic diagram, connect the external main loop and control loop, and reliable grounding, ensure that the wiring is correct.  

4. Check that the movable part of the electric appliance should move freely without jamming.  

5, insulation resistance should not be less than 2 megohm.  

6. Each valve of the vacuum electric furnace is in the closed position.  

7. Control the power switch in the off position.  

8. Manually adjust the pressure knob to turn the head counterclockwise.  

9. Put the alarm button in the open position.  

10. Complete the connection of circulating cooling water of the equipment according to the plan of the vacuum sintering furnace. It is recommended that users connect another reserve water (available tap water) at the general inlet and outlet pipe of the equipment to prevent the sealing ring from burning out due to the failure of circulating water or power failure.

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