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Vacuum furnace correct use rules!

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Vacuum furnace is in the furnace cavity this specific space using the vacuum system

 (vacuum pump, vacuum measuring device, vacuum valve and other components are carefully assembled) 

will be part of the cavity material out of the furnace, so that the pressure in the furnace cavity is less than 

a standard atmosphere, the space in the furnace to achieve the vacuum state, this is the vacuum furnace, 

and then sorted out the correct use procedures for vacuum furnace.

1. It is strictly prohibited to smoke or open fire around the operating furnace and hydrogen gas storage tank.

2. Familiar with the basic operation buttons of vacuum furnace, understand their meanings and functions, and master daily operation.

3. Before the operation of the vacuum furnace, confirm that all preparatory work has been completed, such as the supply of internal and external circulating water, the supply of various gases, the supply of electrical system and standby power system, and confirm the process and procedure.

4. When changing air, the pressure reducing valve should be turned off first. Before changing and tightening the new cylinder, slightly open the valve on the cylinder to eliminate air, and then tighten it. In particular, this operation should be strictly followed when hydrogen is reloaded.

5. After the vacuum furnace is in operation, at least one person should stay at the work site.

6. After the operation of the vacuum furnace, check the condition of each equipment regularly, especially for the gas supply system and the internal and external water circulating system.

7. After the vacuum furnace is in operation, do not repair the equipment or modify the parameters of the operation program at will except in special circumstances, such as fault alarm.

8. When the program is running normally, it is forbidden to switch between "automatic" and "manual" buttons.

9. Items such as mobile phones and wrenches are not allowed in or near the vacuum furnace and during the maintenance of the water supply system, especially during the maintenance of the external circular water supply system.

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