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Vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace operation skills

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The method of sintering the object of the vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace in the furnace with a certain gas. The selection of suitable atmosphere for sintering of different materials is helpful to the sintering process, improve the densification degree of products, and obtain products with good performance. Vacuum atmosphere furnaces commonly used vacuum, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and inert gases (such as argon) and other atmospheres. For example, transparent alumina ceramics can be sintered in hydrogen atmosphere, transparent ferroelectric ceramics should be sintered in oxygen atmosphere, and nitride ceramics such as aluminum nitride should be sintered in nitrogen atmosphere. Sometimes in order to protect the sintering conditioning must also be operated in a protective atmosphere. For example, molybdenum wire furnace should pass hydrogen, tungsten wire furnace should work under vacuum conditions.

Friends who have used vacuum atmosphere sintering furnaces should know that they must not be overloaded when using them. The vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace is also the same, the user in the purchase of vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace will generally inform the manufacturer of their own required temperature, the manufacturer according to this temperature to produce, so the user in use, remember not to exceed this temperature to use. However, this is only one of the points to pay attention to in the use of vacuum atmosphere furnaces, and there are many places to pay attention to:

1. The vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace and control cabinet should be grounded. When installing the heating element, the positive and negative poles should be well compared before installation, and the installation should not be too strong to prevent the heating element from breaking.

2. All workpieces that need heat treatment must be cleaned and dried before entering the furnace, and water and dirt should be prevented from entering the furnace body.

3, heat treatment experiments, to avoid heating elements and heat treatment of the product reaction, especially copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and vacuum heating elements contact, whether it is fine powder, liquid or steam, to prevent the surface erosion in the electric heating body formed "pit", cross section becomes smaller, after overheating and burning.

4. If the instrument is found to work abnormally or the control failure, the furnace should be stopped immediately for maintenance, do not force operation, so as not to damage the electric furnace.

5. After the vacuum atmosphere furnace is used, all switches should be turned off. When the furnace temperature drops to normal temperature, clean the furnace for next use.

6. After the vacuum atmosphere furnace heats up, the vacuum system cannot be destroyed suddenly, and the door of the high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace cannot be opened. Before filling the air, the vacuum gauge switch should be turned off to prevent aging of the vacuum gauge. When the temperature is higher than 400 ° C, it should not be cooled sharply. The vacuum heating element is easy to cause oxidation when the temperature is high, the vacuum degree is not good and the cold and heat change is large.

7. Before filling the vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace with gas, the vacuum gauge switch should be closed to prevent the aging of the vacuum gauge;

8. The vacuum atmosphere furnace should often clean the furnace, and prevent impurities such as oxidation skin in the furnace from falling on the electric heating element, short circuit, and even burning the molybdenum heating rod. Baseplate, molybdenum heating rod, furnace insulation and other heat-resistant steel components every time they are used for a period of time, they should be cleaned, it is strictly prohibited to knock, and the oxide can be carefully removed. If impurities such as oxide sheet are not removed in time, there will be a spark between the melting and the insulation layer to melt the molybdenum wire.

9. Cooling system is an important part of vacuum atmosphere furnace. The cooling waterway should be kept clear, otherwise the temperature of the water will cause shutdown. Therefore, it is necessary to check the waterway system regularly, but when the serpentine cooling water pipe is blocked, the waterway can be disconnected from the water source first, and the drainage can be blown with compressed air or washed with dilute acetic acid solution.

10. Remember not to let the personnel without operating experience to manage the vacuum atmosphere furnace.

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