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Vacuum Carbonization Furnace

(1) The filament bundle is similar to the horizontal preoxidation furnace Carbonization...

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Vacuum carbonization furnace

Use of vacuum carbonization furnace:

Carbonization furnace is horizontal, but there are two types

(1) The filament bundle is similar to the horizontal preoxidation furnace body structure, but because of the short residence time, several slit heating plate long furnace with different temperatures are used, and the filament bundle is not in contact with the heating surface;

(2) Nonwovens or felt preoxidized wires can be selected from the carbonization furnace, but if the carbonization temperature is not high, it can also be carried out in the conveyor belt furnace.

Each carbonization furnace is equipped with inert gas inlet and outlet.

Characteristics of vacuum carbonization furnace:

(1) Graphite heating plate to use high purity, high density and high strength graphite plate, preferably isotropic graphite plate. Because its bending strength and compression strength are 2.8 times and 3.5 times of ordinary graphite, respectively.

② The connection technology between the power supply and the electrode is very important. The connection is firm, the contact resistance is small, it is better to use specially processed graphite bolts. The cooling of the joint is a key technology, but also often prone to accidents, processing and welding technology must be in place. At the same time, standardized operation is also one of the elements to extend the service life. Water pressure switch and alarm should be provided for shell water cooling.

(3) The two ends of the furnace mouth are equipped with non-contact maze sealing device, and the sealed nitrogen is not straight in and out. Maintain positive pressure operation. Positive pressure operation is best between 9.8-49.0Pa.

(4) The temperature of section ⅰ, ⅱ and ⅲ of the temperature zone can be independently regulated to meet the different requirements of different filament bundles on process conditions. Temperature measurement pay attention to the speculum clean and transparent, strictly prevent mirror pollution.

⑤ The outlet end should be set up with a cooling device, so that the fiber is cooled below 500℃ before entering the space, to prevent oxidation. Because carbon fiber starts to slowly oxidize at 350 degrees Celsius in air. In addition to the water cooling system, the cooling device can also be cooled by nitrogen.

The design of carbonization furnace, not only to keep the determination of the internal pressure point mouth, but also to have a gas sampling mouth in the furnace, at any time to detect the composition of the gas in the furnace, especially the content of trace oxygen.

Technical parameters of vacuum carbonization furnace:

The maximum temperature


Volume at highest temperature

0.03m3、0.05m3、 0.1m3、 0.15m3、0.2m3 、0.3m3

Furnace working atmosphere

Hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gases

Temperature Uniformity


Temperature measurement

Far infrared optical temperature measurement

Temperature measurement Range

800~2400℃ or 0~2400℃

Temperature measurement accuracy


Temperature Control accuracy


Temperature control


Program control and manual control

Ultimate heating rate

200℃/ min (empty furnace, depending on high temperature zone volume and furnace structure)

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