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Use And Use of Carbon Fiber Graphitization Furnace

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Carbon fiber graphitization furnace is a device used to convert organic matter into graphite. Its main uses include:

1. Graphite manufacturing: carbon fiber graphitization furnace can convert organic substances, such as polystyrene, polypropylene, etc., into graphite materials through high temperature treatment. This graphite material can be used to manufacture battery electrodes, thermal conductivity materials, high temperature refractory materials and so on.

2. Metal smelting: carbon fiber graphitization furnace can be used for graphite electrode manufacturing in the metal smelting process. Graphite electrodes are conductive and resistant to high temperatures in electric furnaces, providing stable currents and corrosion resistance in high temperature environments.

3. Chemical industry: carbon fiber graphitization furnaces can be used for high-temperature reaction processes in the chemical industry. It can provide a high-temperature environment to promote the conduct of chemical reactions, such as organic synthesis, catalyst preparation, etc.

Ways to use carbon fiber graphitization furnaces include:

1. Feeding: Put the organic material to be treated into the furnace.

2. Heating: Through the heating device, to provide a high temperature environment, so that organic materials graphitization reaction.

3. Control temperature: The temperature control system is used to ensure that the temperature in the furnace reaches the required graphitization reaction temperature and remains stable.

4. Collection of products: the products after graphitization are collected for subsequent processing or application.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: After use, clean and maintain the carbon fiber graphitization furnace to ensure the normal operation and life of the equipment.

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