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Types and characteristics of continuous high temperature sintering furnace

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High temperature sintering furnace is an indispensable important equipment in the preparation of many materials. 

It is a basic high temperature equipment in our modern industry. Today we will introduce the types and characteristics of

 our common continuous high temperature sintering furnace:

First of all, from the heating method, high temperature sintering furnace can be roughly divided into electric heat type and

 gas heating type. In the use cost, gas kiln has a relatively large advantage, and the use cost can be saved about 1/3 compared with electric kiln. 

And it can achieve a much faster rate of warming. However, electric kiln has higher temperature control precision and

 cleaner heating environment, users can choose different heating methods according to their own technological requirements.

In terms of the kiln type of industrial production, it can be roughly divided into pushing plate kiln, roller kiln, lifting furnace, tunnel kiln, trolley furnace, shuttle kiln, net belt furnace, etc.

Among them, lifting furnace, trolley furnace and shuttle kiln belong to intermittent production kiln. 

The advantage is that the price is cheaper, but the capacity is lower. It may take several days to complete the sintering of one furnace.

Push-plate kiln, roller kiln, tunnel kiln, net belt furnace belongs to continuous production of kiln, 

it is continuous feed discharge, large production capacity is its advantage.

 However, it is not recommended to stop the furnace often when in use, which will shorten the service life of the kiln,

 as well as increase the energy consumption when heating.

Push-plate kiln and roller kiln are two kinds of kilns with excellent air tightness.

 If the user's materials need to be sintered in a harsh atmosphere, these two kinds of kilns can be qualified.

From the temperature to distinguish, the net belt furnace belongs to low temperature kiln, the use of temperature is 900 degrees. 

Roller table furnace is medium temperature kiln, the use temperature is below 1350 degrees. Push-plate kiln, lifting furnace, trolley furnace, etc.,

 can be made into high temperature furnace, the operating temperature is below 1720. 

Manufacturers can choose their own products according to the actual process such as sintering temperature, capacity requirements and atmosphere requirements

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