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The working principle and operation method of carbonizing furnace

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In carbon production line equipment, carbonization process is an important link in the entire carbon production process. The semi-finished product of mechanized carbon in the carbonization process directly determines its product performance and market price. So how to use carbonization furnace equipment reasonably and safely, now I will explain to you.

The working principle and operation method of carbonization furnace:

A device for carbonizing preoxidized filament (or phenolic precursor). The continuous furnace is the main furnace, and the intermittent furnace is the pre-oxidation furnace, which is carried out by increasing the temperature.

Continuous carbonization furnaces are horizontal, but there are two types: (1) The filament bundle adopts the furnace structure similar to the horizontal preoxidation furnace, but because of the short residence time, several slit heating plate long furnaces with different temperatures are used, and the filament bundle does not contact with the heating surface; (2) For nonwovens or felt-like pre-oxidized wires, the carbonization furnace can be selected, but if the carbonization temperature is not high, it can also be carried out in the conveyor belt furnace. Each carbonization furnace is provided with an inert gas inlet and outlet.

Carbonization furnace structure features: carbonization furnace is a quick-opening pressure vessel. The components that contact the medium are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant. Mechanical transmission device to open and close the door cover, button control, easy to operate; Good sealing performance, uniform temperature inside the tank, complete safety accessories (equipped with safety interlock device).

Quality standards: Products in strict accordance with the "tolerance" and GB150-98 standard manufacturing acceptance, quality assurance data and technical documents complete.

When using carbonization furnace, attention should be paid to tight sealing to avoid gas leakage. When a gas leak occurs, the oxygen entering the furnace cannot be controlled. The carbon rods in the furnace are prone to spontaneous combustion and carbonization.

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