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The working principle and advantage of IGBT medium frequency power supply

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IGBT medium frequency power supply is a kind of series resonant medium frequency induction melting furnace, its inverter is a new IGBT module (insulated gate bipolar transistor, produced in Germany), it is mainly used for melting ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, non-ferrous metals. It has the advantages of fast melting speed, energy saving and no high harmonic pollution.

IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is a real constant power output power supply, add a small amount of material can reach the full power output, and always remain unchanged, so the melting speed is fast; Because the inverter part adopts series resonance, and the inverter voltage is high, so IGBT IF than ordinary silicon if can be controlled to save energy; IGBT intermediate frequency using frequency modulation power regulation, rectifier part using full bridge rectifier, inductor and capacitor filter, and has been working at 500V, so IGBT intermediate frequency does not produce high order harmonics, will not produce pollution to the grid;

IGBT intermediate frequency power supply has the following advantages:

1. The startup performance of the product is very good. It is the use of series resonant circuit, completely solve the problem of thyristor if startup difficulty.

2. The product almost does not produce high harmonics. Will not pollute the power grid, transformer, switch does not heat, will not interfere with the operation of electronic equipment in the factory.

3. The product has high reliability. The main components of the product all use the world famous factory production components, IGBT transistor is produced by Germany Ximenkang Company, electrolytic capacitor is produced by Japan Hitachi Company, driving board is produced in Switzerland. Since the product has been put on the market, there have been no quality problems.

4. The product saves electric energy. The power consumption of 0.5 ton 300 kw intermediate frequency furnace is about 650 degrees/ton, and the power consumption of 0.75 ton ~3 ton intermediate frequency furnace is about 600 degrees/ton, saving about 28% than the old thyristor intermediate frequency furnace.

5. The water circulation system of the product adopts water heat exchanger. Internal circulation is distilled water, long-term use, the equipment in the waterway is not fouling is not blocked, greatly reduce the failure, save the maintenance cost.

6. The product can always maintain constant power output in the smelting process. It and thyristor medium frequency power regulation is different, thyristor medium frequency is by adjusting the DC output voltage, and the product is to adjust the frequency, it is not affected by the charge, in the whole process of melting to maintain constant power output. Especially the production of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-conductive material, more show its superiority, melting speed, charge element burn less, energy saving effect is better, reduce the casting cost.

7. Easy to use and maintain. IGBT intermediate frequency power supply circuit structure is simple, complete protection, with complete fault display function, can quickly find the fault point, easy maintenance.

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