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The structure of vacuum hot press furnace is diversified

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The furnace structure of vacuum hot press furnace is diversified, including vertical upper discharge, vertical side door discharge, one-way pressure, two-way pressure and so on.

Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is mainly for colleges and universities, scientific research institutions for metal compounds, hard alloys, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy and other pressurized heating sintering treatment under vacuum or protective atmosphere, in order to obtain consistent products, such as the production of high-precision silicon nitride ceramic bearing and silicon nitride ceramic substrate.


Double layer SUS304 furnace structure, through the middle of the cooling water, effectively reduce the furnace surface temperature to reduce high temperature damage, reduce the impact on the environment;

Frame type double column support structure, using profile welding, overall processing, to ensure the reliability of equipment;

The use of thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation structure, low thermal conductivity, insulation effect is good, even in very high temperature can effectively isolate heat, save energy consumption;

Wide temperature range, a variety of heating elements, such as graphite, molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, etc., in the appropriate protective atmosphere, the temperature can reach 2400℃, can adapt to the hot pressing sintering of different materials;

Diversified vacuum system configuration, according to the process to choose different levels of vacuum degree;

It is equipped with charging and discharging system, which can choose hot pressing sintering in vacuum environment, inert atmosphere or reducing atmosphere.

Humanized configuration, can not only manual operation, but also can realize one key intelligent operation;

Hot pressed sintering furnace is versatile and can be used as a simple vacuum or atmosphere sintering furnace.

Non-standard customization is acceptable.

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