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The role of vacuum sintering furnace

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Vacuum sintering furnace is a kind of equipment for high temperature treatment of materials, its main functions include:

1. Sintering: The vacuum sintering furnace can sintering the powder material at high temperature, so that the combination between the particles occurs to form a dense solid material. Sintering can improve the density, strength and wear resistance of materials, and improve the physical and mechanical properties of materials.

2. Degassing: vacuum sintering furnace can remove the gas in the furnace at high temperature to form a vacuum environment. Degassing can remove gases, moisture and impurities from the surface and inside of the material to avoid oxidation, corrosion and deterioration of the material at high temperatures.

3. Heat treatment: vacuum sintering furnace can carry out a variety of heat treatment processes, such as annealing, quenching, solution treatment. Heat treatment can change the crystal structure and organization of the material, and adjust the hardness, strength, toughness and electrical conductivity of the material.

4. Degassing: vacuum sintering furnace can remove the gas and volatile components in the material to improve the purity and stability of the material. Degassing can be applied to powder metallurgy, electronic materials, ceramic materials and other fields.

5. Pyrolysis: vacuum sintering furnace can carry out pyrolysis reaction to convert organic substances into inorganic substances. Pyrolysis can be used for the treatment and recycling of organic materials.

In short, vacuum sintering furnace has a wide range of applications in the field of material processing and heat treatment, which can improve the performance of materials, improve the quality of materials, and meet the treatment needs of various special materials.

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