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The purpose and application method of vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace

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Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment for preparing high density and high performance ceramic, metal and alloy materials. It combines high temperature and pressure, and the powder material is fused and cured at high temperature through the sintering process, thus obtaining a dense material.

The main uses of vacuum hot press sintering furnaces include:

1. Preparation of high hardness materials: vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace can be used to prepare high hardness ceramic materials, such as cemented carbide, ceramic cutting tools, etc.

2. Preparation of high-strength materials: high-strength metals and alloy materials, such as high-strength steel and superalloy, can be prepared by vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace.

3. Preparation of composite materials: vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace can be used to prepare composite materials, such as ceramic/metal composite materials, ceramic/ceramic composite materials, etc.

4. Preparation of functional materials: vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace can prepare materials with special functions, such as magnetic materials, conductive materials, optical materials, etc.

1. When using vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace, pay attention to the following methods:

2. Preheat the furnace body: Before use, preheat the furnace body to ensure that the furnace body reaches the required working temperature.

3. Place the material: Place the powder material to be treated in the sintering mold and apply the appropriate pressure as needed.

4. Vacuum treatment: Start the vacuum system and vacuum the furnace body to remove gas and impurities and create an ideal sintering environment.

5. Heating sintering: According to the requirements of the material, set the appropriate heating temperature and holding time. Start the heating system to make the furnace reach the required sintering temperature.

6. Apply pressure: During the heating process, apply appropriate pressure as needed to promote the fusion and curing of the material.

7. Cooling treatment: After sintering is completed, stop heating and close the heating system. After the furnace body is cooled, the furnace door can be opened to remove the treated material.

8. Cleaning and maintenance: regularly clean the furnace body and mold to maintain the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, necessary maintenance and maintenance are carried out to extend the service life of the equipment.

It should be noted that when using a vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace, it is important to follow the operating manual and relevant regulations to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the operation.

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