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The process and characteristics of graphite purification furnace

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Graphite powder purification furnace is composed of the upper cover, extraction hole, temperature control layer, insulation layer, heater, air delivery hole, three-phase electrode, which is characterized by the external shape of the graphite powder purification furnace is cylindrical, cylindrical side and the bottom of the outer layer is set with temperature control layer, the inside of the temperature control layer is set with insulation layer, the inside of the insulation layer is set with heater, the lower end of the heater is set with three-phase electrode, The air inlet is arranged at the lower end of the cylinder, the top surface of the cylinder is arranged with an upper cover, and the upper cover is arranged with an air outlet.

Graphite purification furnace should be used for carbon structural parts (products), C/C composite products, carbon fibers, carbon materials, phosphorus sheet graphite and other graphite materials of high temperature graphitization. Furnace body shape: vertical and horizontal two types of furnace, carbon fiber rope sintering, other materials can be sintered and melted in a carbon environment.

Characteristics of graphite purification furnace:

1, the use of imported thermal insulation materials and advanced furnace structure, Z high use temperature up to 3000℃, its horizontal furnace can be continuous uninterrupted production. 2, the use of digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic and high precision to complete the temperature control process, the system can be heated according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 a total of 400 sections of different process heating curve. 3, comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system. 4, can be a machine multi-furnace, using PLC intelligent conversion.

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