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The overall design of the vacuum dewaxing and sintering integrated furnace requires dewaxing, pre-sintering, sintering and rapid cool

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      Vacuum hot pressing furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace door, heating and heat preservation and temperature measurement system, vacuum system, inflation system, water cooling system, control system, hydraulic system and so on. The vacuum hot pressing furnace is a cycle operation type, widely used in cemented carbide, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy, etc. for hot pressing and sintering under high temperature and high vacuum conditions, and can also be hot-pressed and sintered under inflatable protection.

      The hot-pressing sintering furnace adopts silicon carbide rods as heating elements, S-grading thermocouples as temperature-measuring elements, and uses a precision digital display program temperature controller to control the temperature, which can realize the automatic program rise and fall of the furnace temperature. The electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism is used to load the sample (mold), and the magnitude of the loading force is detected by a precision pressure sensor and a digital display dynamometer. The loading speed is continuously adjustable, and automatic loading can be realized at the same time. It can also inject an appropriate amount of protective atmosphere or reaction atmosphere for atmosphere hot-pressing sintering. The side door structure is convenient for loading and unloading. The equipment is widely used in the research and production of sintering and hot pressing of structural ceramics, functional ceramics, composite materials, etc.

       Wide range of applications: Vertical hot pressing sintering furnaces are widely used for hot pressing sintering of cemented carbide, ceramics, powder metallurgy, etc. under high vacuum; or for pressure and pressureless sintering under inflated protection or flowing atmosphere.

        Main features of sintering furnace:

        The application of advanced temperature and vacuum detection instruments and sensing elements ensures the reliability of the equipment.

         Multiple limit and alarm mechanisms are used to ensure the safety of the equipment.

         High automation, can start the whole automatic operation with one button, man-machine interface control system, equipped with LCD screen, real-time display of equipment running status.

         The pressing pressure is large, which can realize automatic pressurization and pressure maintenance, slow loading, and automatic control of displacement.

         It can automatically maintain pressure, slowly load, and automatically adjust the rising speed.

The unique sealing structure of the pressure head is adopted, and the service life of the pressure head is long.

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