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The Correct Use of High Temperature Furnace

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The proper use of a high temperature furnace includes the following steps:

Preparation stage:

Ensure that the power supply is properly connected and the voltage is within the specified range. 

1.Clean the furnace and check whether the components are normal.

2.Prepare the sample for heating as required and place it in the appropriate position in the furnace.

Operation stage:

Gently turn the door handle to open the door to its maximum position.

The desired heating temperature is set through the control panel to ensure that the maximum operating temperature of the device is not exceeded.

 3.Start the heating process, observe the temperature control display, and monitor the heating temperature in real time.

When the temperature reaches the set value, the device will automatically enter the heat preservation state, at which time the heating button can be turned off to save energy.

Set the heating time according to the experimental requirements, and the device will automatically stop heating after reaching the predetermined time.

Safety and Maintenance:

After the end of heating, the equipment will automatically enter the cooling stage, do not open the furnace door at this time, so as to avoid cold air into the sample damage.

When the furnace temperature drops to the safe range, the furnace door can be opened to take out the sample, and pay attention to whether the sample has abnormal changes.

After use, make sure to close the furnace door tightly, if it is no longer used for a long time, use plastic sheets or other soft items to cover the furnace to prevent too much dust. 

4.Clean the furnace and shelves regularly to prevent impurities from falling on the electric heating element, resulting in short circuit or burning the shelves. 

5.When the high temperature furnace is used for the first time or is used again after long-term disuse, it should be dried by oven.

Following these steps ensures the safe and efficient use of high temperature furnaces.

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