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Structure description of graphite synthesis furnace

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Graphite synthesis furnace refers to the chemical synthesis or incineration equipment made of graphite material as the base material, mainly including graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace and graphite hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace. Graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace is a device for producing hydrogen chloride gas by direct combustion of chlorine gas and hydrogen gas.

Compared with steel synthetic furnace, it has no special requirements for the water content of raw chlorine gas and hydrogen, no need for pre-treatment equipment, so the process is simple, high heat transfer efficiency, low outlet temperature of hydrogen chloride gas; The product has no Fe3+ pollution; Strong corrosion resistance, small maintenance and long service life during normal operation.

Graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace is composed of burner, furnace tube, cooling device and safety explosion-proof device. The burner is located at the lower part of the equipment and is composed of chlorine gas, hydrogen gas input pipe and lamp holder. The lamp cap is a core tube with chlorine gas in the inner tube and hydrogen gas in the gap between the inner and outer tubes. Lamp holder has long flame type and short flame type two types of structure.

The long flame is thin, the furnace tube is less heated, so the temperature is low, the life is long, and the adjustment range of the production capacity is larger. It is a common type. The short flame is close to the cylinder wall, which is easy to burn the cylinder wall, but the raw gas is mixed evenly, and the synthesis reaction is complete. Lamp holder material can be quartz, graphite material or high alumina ceramics, graphite material is better. The furnace cylinder is generally made of micropermeable graphite material. The cooling device has two types: spray type and water jacket type.

Spray cooling water along the top of the furnace around the water distributor, cooling effect is better. Water jacket type is also called immersion type, the cooling water is circulated in the water jacket outside the furnace barrel, and the operation is not spray type of water mist, moisture and other defects, and more safe and reliable. Graphite explosion-proof film is commonly used to install explosion-proof devices.

In addition to chlorinated hydrogen or hydrochloric acid synthesis, graphite synthesis furnace can also be used for chlorine waste gas treatment and P2O5 production.

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