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Structure characteristics of carbonization furnace

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High thermal conductivity film vacuum carbonization furnace processing is the production of thermal conductivity film equipment,

 front door or front and back double door, after the equipment carbonized PI film, with good resistance structure and density. 

Continuous vacuum carbonation sintering process can be realized. Equipped with decoking system, strengthen the decoking effect, 

furnace atmosphere is more stable, product quality is easy to control; Prolong the service life of carbon felt and heating material.

Using resistance heating, graphite tube heating body long life, good heating effect, easy maintenance. 

Uniform heating, reliable heat insulation and temperature measurement system, advanced furnace design concept, 

reasonable heating structure, high quality materials, to ensure the furnace temperature uniformity under vacuum state. 

Adopt domestic and international brand temperature measuring components to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement. 

Imported digital display intelligent temperature control table, can communicate with PLC real data, automatic high precision 

to complete the temperature control process, the system can be according to the given temperature curve heating, 

and can store different process heating curve. Single room, horizontal structure, compact and reasonable equipment layout, small footprint.

Automatic control, comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system, 

PLC to achieve safety chain, with over temperature, sensor break, water pressure, furnace overpressure, 

water flow, water temperature too high sound and light alarm. Environmental protection, energy saving, 

no purifying essence vacuum exhaust gas, effectively protect the normal operation of the vacuum pump and excellent decoking effect.

The high temperature section of furnace adopts natural cooling, and the low temperature section 

can be filled with positive pressure inert gas to accelerate the cooling speed.

Equipment processing is fully automatic, only need to periodically remove the furnace wall fixtures. 

Low temperature carbonized furnace has the advantage of long-term and stable operation. 

The device for carbonizing preoxidized wire (or phenolic protofilament) is mainly continuous furnace,

 and intermittent furnace is preoxidized furnace, which is carried out by raising the temperature.

The atmosphere protection carbonization furnace is horizontal, the filament bundle adopts the furnace body structure

 similar to the horizontal preoxidation furnace, but because of the short residence time, several slit heating plate long furnace 

with different temperatures are used, the filament bundle does not contact with the heating surface; 

For nonwovens or felt pre-oxidized silk, the above carbonization furnace can be selected, 

but if the carbonization temperature is not high, it can also be carried out in the conveyor belt furnace. 

Each carbonization furnace is provided with an inert gas inlet and outlet.

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