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Structure and operating temperature of large graphitizing furnace

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High temperature graphitization furnace has different structures, also has different uses, the following, high temperature graphitization furnace manufacturers a brief introduction to the structure of large graphitization furnace and the use of temperature.

1, the use of imported thermal insulation materials and advanced furnace structure, highest use temperature up to 3000℃. The furnace body of production type high temperature graphitization furnace can be multiple furnaces in one machine and several furnaces in one control cabinet.

2, the use of PLC intelligent conversion, through the rotation of each furnace body heating. When one furnace is heated, other furnaces are charged and cooled to improve the utilization rate of equipment, power and site and reduce production costs.

3, the use of digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic and high precision to complete the temperature control process, the system can be heated according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 a total of 400 sections of different process heating curve.

In addition, if the temperature is as high as 2800 degrees, the temperature uniformity is good, the constant temperature area is long, and the equipment operation failure rate is low. Long service life of furnace tube, continuous production of 20-30 days without stopping furnace.

With infrared temperature measurement and temperature control system, real-time display and PID automatic control of the temperature in the furnace, the quality of the products is stable. At the same time to ensure the requirements of the product. Adopt three-phase power supply mode, three-phase power balance, stable performance. Unlike carbon tube furnace using single-phase power supply, phase voltage imbalance, large impact on the power grid, affecting other related operations.

The use of high temperature, highest temperature up to 3000℃, can be long-term work in 2600-2800℃, automatic feeding device, time control in and out of the material, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, product high temperature treatment time is consistent.

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