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Small science of powder metallurgy sintering furnace process

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Powder metallurgy sintering furnace is a kind of high temperature treatment equipment for powder metallurgy process, which is used to burn metal or ceramic powder into dense bulk materials at high temperatures. The following are some small popular science about powder metallurgy sintering furnace process:

1. Sintering principle: The powder metallurgy sintering furnace heats the powder at high temperature, so that the diffusion and combination between the particles occur, thus forming a dense block material. In the sintering process, melting or partial melting occurs on the surface of the powder particles to form a binding phase between the particles, and through the action of diffusion and surface tension, the neck is formed between the particles, and finally the dense material is formed.

2. Sintering temperature: Sintering temperature is an important parameter in powder metallurgy sintering furnace process, and different materials have different sintering temperature ranges. In general, the sintering temperature should be higher than the melting point of the material, but lower than its sintering temperature to avoid melting or over-sintering of the material.

3. Sintering time: Sintering time refers to the time that the material is maintained at the sintering temperature in the sintering furnace. The sintering time will affect the sintering degree and density of the material. Too short sintering time may cause the material to fail to fully sinter, while too long sintering time may cause the material to over-sinter or grain growth.

4. Sintering atmosphere: The atmosphere in the sintering furnace has an important impact on the sintering process and material properties. The commonly used sintering atmospheres are hydrogen, nitrogen and vacuum. Selecting a suitable sintering atmosphere can control the oxidation degree of the material and reduce the formation of pores and impurities.

5. Sintering pressure: In some special sintering processes, pressure can be applied to promote the sintering process. This sintering method is called hot isostatic pressing sintering, and the density and strength of the material can be increased by applying pressure.

6. Sintering additives: In order to improve the sintering process and material properties, some sintering additives are often added. Sintering additives can promote the bonding between particles, increase the sintering rate and density, and also regulate the grain size and phase transformation behavior of materials.

Powder metallurgy sintering furnace process has important applications in the preparation of high-performance metal and ceramic materials, and is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy and other fields. Through reasonable control of sintering process parameters and sintering conditions, excellent properties can be obtained

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