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Sintering furnace process

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The sintering furnace process usually includes the following steps:

1. Preparation of raw materials: According to the requirements of sintered products, prepare the required raw materials, including powder, additives, etc.

2. Mixing and preparation: the raw materials are mixed according to a certain proportion of the formula, and the process of grinding, wet preparation, etc., to obtain a uniform mixture.

3. Molding: The mixture is molded by pressing, injection molding, etc., to obtain the required shape and size.

4. Pre-burning: pre-burning the green billet after forming to remove organic matter and part of the binder and improve the strength of the sintered body.

5. Sintering: Put the pre-burned green billet into the sintering furnace for high temperature sintering treatment. During the sintering process, the particles in the green billet are combined with each other by heating and holding heat to form a dense sintered body.

6. Cooling: After the end of sintering, the sintered body in the furnace chamber is slowly cooled to prevent the sintered body from cracking due to excessive temperature change.

7. Post-treatment: According to the requirements of the product, post-treatment processes, such as grinding, polishing, coating, etc., in order to obtain the required surface finish and performance.

8. Inspection and packaging: Quality inspection of sintered products, including size, density, hardness and other indicators. Qualified products are packaged and ready for shipment.

The above is the general sintering furnace process, different sintered materials and products may be different, the specific process will be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation.

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