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Share four DOS and don 'ts about vacuum furnaces

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Four points for attention in vacuum furnace use:

1. Vacuum furnace is an advanced heat treatment equipment which has been greatly developed in recent years. 

The workpiece is heated at a pressure far lower than one atmosphere, which can avoid oxidation in the heating process. 

Therefore, attention should be paid to the limit of pipeline pressure and avoid ultra-low temperature to the operator's personal injury. 

The overall advantages of vacuum furnace are good quality, energy saving, safety and less pollution.

2. In the process of vacuum furnace operation, the control electric cabinet of the power distribution cabinet uses low voltage to control high voltage. 

Generally, the operator will not directly contact with high voltage, which is generally 24V or 36V. 

However, the power supply voltage is still 380V, and the electrical components in the distribution cabinet also have 380V voltage, 

so it is still necessary to pay attention to the safe use of electricity.

3. In the production process of vacuum furnace, it is necessary to strictly ensure air tightness, which is the premise of ensuring the vacuum state. 

The circulating water in the furnace body should also be guaranteed to be watertight. After maintenance, each contact surface should be wiped 

clean with a volatile liquid such as acetone.

4. The workpiece of furnace loading must ensure its cleanliness. The oil pollution on the surface and 

the iron cutting volatilize at high temperature will pollute the furnace body and block some necessary pipelines, 

leading to the damage of the vacuum furnace. The placement of the workpiece in the furnace loading process should be uniform, 

so that the heating process is more uniform, to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature. 

Long workpieces should stand up as far as possible to reduce the deformation caused by gravity at high temperatures.

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