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Production Specification And Production Process of Silicon Carbide Sintering Furnace?

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The production specification and production process of silicon carbide sintering furnace can be formulated according to the specific production needs and enterprise standards, the following is the general production specification and production process flow:

Production specification:

1. Material selection: Select high-purity silicon carbide raw materials to ensure the purity and performance of sintering products.

2. Equipment requirements: The sintering furnace should have good sealing performance, temperature control ability and vacuum control ability to ensure the stability of the sintering process and product quality.

3. Operating specifications: Develop operating specifications, including the control of parameters such as temperature, pressure, heating rate and holding time in the furnace, as well as the control of the atmosphere in the furnace.

Production process:

1. Raw material preparation: Mix high-purity silicon carbide powder according to a certain proportion, and dry treatment to remove moisture and impurities. 2. Molding: The mixed silicon carbide powder is molded, and the required sintered billet can be formed by pressing, injection molding and other methods.

3. Sintering: The sintered billet after forming is put into the silicon carbide sintering furnace for sintering process. During the sintering process, temperature, pressure and furnace atmosphere can be controlled to promote the bonding and densification between silicon carbide particles.

4. Cooling: After sintering, the sintering product is cooled so that it reaches room temperature.

5. Processing and testing: necessary processing and testing of sintered products, such as cutting, grinding, surface treatment and physical property testing.

In actual production, it is also necessary to adjust and optimize according to specific product requirements and process characteristics to ensure the quality and performance of silicon carbide sintering products. In addition, it is necessary to comply with the relevant safety practices and environmental protection requirements.

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