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Precautions for vacuum deposition furnace

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The vacuum deposition furnace is composed of a deposition chamber, a gas supply system and an exhaust system. It is a production equipment that uses resistance heating or induction heating to pass the deposition gas in a vacuum environment and produce pyrolysis at high temperature and deposit it on the workpiece to densify the composite material. The vacuum deposition furnace is used to prepare carbon-carbon composite materials, and the deposition furnace is mainly used to prepare the surface pyrolytic carbon coating of graphite, semiconductor devices and heat-resistant scour materials.

Features: Simple operation, easy maintenance, can prepare a variety of types of coating and composite materials, products compact and uniform, high purity and crystal size applications: carbon carbon products, pyrolytic graphite, heat-resistant material coating, powder synthesis

Precautions for vacuum deposition furnace:

1, in the cold state, when vacuuming, it is found that the pressure difference between the inner and outer chambers is too large, it should be timely checked whether the connecting valve of the inner and outer chambers is opened, if not opened, in the high temperature state, resulting in extrusion deformation of the inner chamber, cracking in serious cases, and oxidizing products.

2, the valve connected to the inner and outer chambers is only closed when the rapid cooling or the need to separate the inner and outer chambers to measure the pressure rise rate, and the rest of the time must be fully opened.

3, in the operation, the need to stop the furnace maintenance, the process of filling nitrogen in the furnace, the operator must wait for the scene, at any time to observe the pressure changes in the furnace, when the pressure is filled to the micro positive pressure, stop the inflation. If the inflation pressure is too high, it may cause serious consequences, such as pushing the furnace lid out and oxidizing the product. If the furnace cover bolts are tightened, the furnace cover may explode and fly out, causing personal injury.

4. During the entire operation of the equipment, it should be regularly checked whether the cooling water pipe is smooth and whether there is water in the furnace bottom pit. If the water exceeds the position of the furnace bottom, it should be extracted with the pump in time.

5. When the room temperature is high, the transformer temperature control cooling fan and the system cabinet cooling fan must be opened.

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